My Gunnar Glasses

Posted: Saturday April 4th, 2015
Last modified: Saturday April 4th, 2015

Today I am writing my endoresement of this product and a testimony of how it helped me.

If you notice in my picture, I happen to have some serious screen real-estate. If you are like me, you may find tt is not too uncommon to work long days programming. After a couple years out of college my vision on my 8+ hour programming days started to get blurry. Light from car headlights would even feel blinding. I couldn't watch movies with my wife or even look at my phone without getting a headache by the time night arrived. After a while the headaches stopped going away; I would wake up and my head was already in a whirl.

I felt impressed on the inside to checkout computer glasses. I'm normally not one to spend money on something I have not been referenced to by anyone. However, after a couple hours of scanning through Amazon and reading articles and reviews (and most importantly to me, prayed about it) I had peace about making a purchase.

Despite the considerable higher price I ended up going with a pair of Gunnar's. My headaches left after a day or so. My vision after a couple months is not back to 100%, but I can say I can watch movies at night with my wife again. I can look at my phone and program those long days without my vision getting blurred like it was before. Each month I have noticed my vision getting back to it's original 20/20. I have had a very small handful of headaches and I am convinced that these glasses and those like them were the key to allowing me to program those occasionally long 16 hour days again.

I got my glasses from Newegg (Gunnar Glasses), but Amazon (Gunnar Glasses) is always a safe bet as well.
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