Arthur Weborg Sr. - Self Taught Engineer and Artist

Posted: Saturday May 30th, 2015
Last modified: Saturday May 30th, 2015

There is so much I could write about my dad. My dad likes to work, a lot. His work ethic definitely rubbed off on me. I can honestly say that both of us quite literally have at times nearly worked ourselves to death. You are most likely to find him at his shop between 9 am and 9 pm.

My dad, like me, is always up for a challenging project. Heck, the more difficult the better! Impossible? Not likely. Practical? Well that sometimes is a different story -- usually my dad can come up with a feasible alternative. If not, he'll state such at that.

Art is very knowledgable, though he doesn't always have the technical terms correct. However, his logic is sound and he really does understand the complex topics. So, to someone who say graduated from college with a heavy understanding of science and math, you might not agree with him at first. Yet, if we are being honest, when you hear him out and put the glossary terms on the backburner, you are almost always guaranteed to learn something every time you have the pleasure of chatting.

His work can be seen all across the county: from the Sister Bay broom ball goals to the highly sophisticated dry-stacked flagstone walk-ways and retaining walls. My favorite is his metal bald-eagle on display at the motorcycle memorial just north of Sturgeon Bay. He worked on that piece of art for years while I was growing up.

4758 Mathey Rd,
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
-Memorial where my Dad's Eagle is at.
My dad is always looking for something new to learn, something to fix, a problem to solve. He is very artistic and creative at that. As he would put it, he is a "jack of all trades handy man" and in my mind a modern day MacGyver whom I have the pleasure of calling "Dad."

My dad currently does not have a website, but you can find pictures on the Artwork [by Arthur Weborg] Facebook Page that we siblings maintain. At that, if you need a metal or stone fabrication job done of some sort, give him a call at 920-421-0161. Or you can do like many and stop by his shop. He's an honest "Johnny on the spot" kind of guy.
10578 Old Stage Rd,
Sister Bay, WI
-My Dad's shop
The pictures below are some of my dad's work, also viewable on the facebook page.

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