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Time for a post

Arthur Weborg - Saturday August 1st, 2015

It has been too long. Since my last posts I have flashed an old linksys router to become a repeater, turned my mouse into a ninja mouse, and went for my longest bike ride ever (56 miles). There have been many other things, but I don't have the time to touch on everything. If you would like to track my under-the-radar training, check out my Strava profile.

In regards to transfering old routers into repeaters (I mean yeah sure you could buy a wireless card for your desktop on the other side of your home/apartment, heck there are some cost effective USB solutions as well... but it's way more nerdy to flash old hardware systems), It was really a simple process. In my case, I went through the dd-wrt router database, found my router and followed some wiki documentation... Well I make it sound simple, but as a disclaimer I did spend nearly 6 hours reading up on what exactly I was doing -- I didn't want to brick my chances!

I wrote a brief blog post on my thoughts on timetracking.

I've spent a fair ammount of time the past two months becoming quite familiar with the ISO 42010 Architecture Description Standard, which supersedes IEEE 1471. I highly advice checking the standard out. It is important especially in context of contracts because it outlines a good process for creating a binding document for stakeholder requirements (concerns) and concrete technical requirements for software design.

Artists, Engineers and Family

Arthur Weborg - Saturday May 30th, 2015

Today I spent some time doing some things around the apartment. Kate started studying for piloting last week and I have as a result picked up some cleaning tasks.

One thing that I really enjoyed about today was framing and hanging a picture of my grandpa Weborg. It's a picture of him working on a u-boat propeller shaft. I hear he built many machines back in his time. Rumor has it that he event built the original dum-dum sucker machine!

With the professional picture of my grandpa going up into my office, I started thinking about other artists and engineers in my life. I was impressed to write something up about my father (Arthur Sr.), my brother-in-law (Joel) and my friend and associate pastor (Tim). They all happen to be artists and professionals in their respective fields. If you get a moment, check out my posts on each of them :) Also, another friend of Kate and mine, Beth Stoddard of Milwaukee has some very relaxing pictures!

As you may or may not know, internet searching systems are built around sharing and crawling of links, so I am also hoping that their sites will increase in the ranks for internet searches by me sharing their information.

If nothing else, enjoy the wartime industrial picture of my grandpa!

On an unrelated note, I followed an interesting news topic recently referred to as "Silk Road." From a technical standpoint what Ross did was quite clever. His market of interest and the results of his project/product... that's another story. That being said, the feds busted him because like all developers, at some point in time you have bugs. As all developers know, you go to Stack Overflow when you have bugs ;) and his had to do with the technologies used with Silk Road. For more on the story, I found this article by Nate Anderson and Cyrus Farivar via ArsTechnica a really interesting read about how the feds brought "The Dread Pirate Robert" down!

Another interesting article that I read was on the internet going secure. Mozilla Firefox plans to depricate http. I am uncertain if this is all that great of an idea; I hear certain countries have "outlawed" https. In addition to that, I recall a professor at MSOE stating that https isn't as secure as everyone makes it out to be anyway. So time will tell.

Lastly, I will close with some work updates.

On June 16th, a patent will be filed on a compression technique that was derived for a big data problem at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I am hoping to write a post on the topic in the binary portion of my blog.

Archieves and Updates

Arthur Weborg - Saturday May 23rd, 2015

Short update today. I wrote some code to start archieving old status updates and made a link to the archieve directory on the blog page. I also created some social media links on my contact page.

End of One Chapter Opens to Another

Arthur Weborg - Wednesday May 20th, 2015

Today I was formally able to pay my respect to those at MCW who reached out to me and discussed the potential of staying at MCW.

Initially I had the entire story typed out, but I didn't find it to be professional, discussing the matter on a blog post. I'll leave it at the theme of my past couple weeks has been:
He that gives answer before hearing, it is folly and shame unto him.
-Proverbs 18:13
In the end, I do have reasoning and justification to support the decision Kate and I made. Many facts and details were gathered to fully hear out the options. Ultimately, Kate and I chose to do what we had peace doing. We believe certain things will come to pass from our choice, and look forward to sharing them as they occur =]

My last day at MCW will be June 12th. I will begin working for HudsonAlpha starting June 22nd! I leave respectfully and look forward to seeing and reading of the achievements MCW accomplishes after my leave. I could see myself working for MCW again down the road.

On a closing note, I really appreciated my meetings with Dr. Cowley. I am going to likely write a post dedicated toward the topic of working for an academic institution. There are many adventages one might not consider at first. It's definitely a place to cultivate character and grow! At that, it is definitely a place with potential to make a large impact on your own surroundings. There are many reasons for this final statement, but I am departing from MCW in a far better state than the one I arrived in. MCW, thank you for all the opportunities!

Kate's Birthday and Decision Time

Arthur Weborg - Thursday May 14th, 2015

First, Happy Birthday to my wife, Kate! I love you Sweets.

I've come to a T in the road in my career. Over the past couple weeks I have been meeting with many people, talking with lawyers, maintaining code, writing documentation and over the past two days alone I've written more emails than I think I did all of last year.

I've been presented with an option to either work for a new company, HudsonAlpha or stay at the Medical College of Wisconsin and receive an increase in salary. My current supervisor, one of my mentors is transitioning from MCW to HudsonAlpha. MCW has presented me with many opportunities to shine, even putting some of my software through the patent process. I highly respect both my current employer and my long-time boss. There is a third option of seeking a job in industy which would trump both in salary. However, I decided to put that on the back-burner. I was not at peace to seek that out at this time.

Both options (HudsonAlpha and MCW) have their advantages and disadvantages. Both companies I would get to coninue working on clinical diagnostics software. Both companies I would continue to practice my Software Engineering process. Leadership at both options have expressed great interest in creating plans to progress my career. Both options have thrown out some hefty salaries into the ring! My wife is rather excited, we will be able to start paying off school loans.

I could write so much more on the topic, but the bottom line is, it is a tough decision to logically go about. I will publically announce my decision next week.

And on that note, I also took a moment to update my About page =]

Home Again

Arthur Weborg - Saturday May 2nd, 2015

Given the happenings at work, I again do not have any finished posts/pages. However, now that I am back home I wanted to give a status update as well as share some interesting finds from the past two weeks.

My wife and I went to Huntsville, Alabama. She got to check out all the space stuff while I met with prospective future co-workers. We had a blast! I met a lot of really nice people and was impressed with HudsonAlpha as a whole. I especially like their three-fold vision of research, economics and education. It was really beautiful down there and we really enjoyed the "Southern Charm". A special thanks to all those involved in preparing the trip and the wonderful people we met. Also, good work Brandon, Jeremy and Wendy for representing us all in Liz's group professionally and respectfully down south.

The ball is moving on a patent through the Medical College of Wisconsin on a new means of data compression. I would love to talk more about it, but I do not think I can, yet.

On terms of something technically related, I started looking into becoming a formal PE (Practicing Engineer). My search started with checking out the IEEE and I stumbled accross this article on Licensing Software Engineers. A quick take away I got was, becoming a PE in Software Engineering was already here! as of April 2014 the first wave of exams was given (albeit small, only 14 takers).

Taking the exam from what I can see really isn't worth it unless A) your state demands it and B) you work for yourself developing software for a living.

If you are interested you should check out the Software Engineering Exam Specs.

I started biking again this week. There are many reasons for this but one I am really excited about is the National Bike Challenge. I'd highly recommend checking it out. At that, I also tried out the STRAVA mobile app. It was pretty nice; perhaps I'll do a formal review/endorsement on it down the road. MapMyRide is also great, especially because it links to MyFitnessPal.

Last words, I am looking forward to finishing up my churches website with my oldest sister this month!

Heading to HudsonAlpha

Arthur Weborg - Wednesday April 15th, 2015

I have no new pages to post today. However, I wrote a general blog entry instead.

Today I modified my responsive layout some more. I added a hamburger icon for smaller screens that will bring up the navigation links. I also separated my update posts into reusable segments and now dynamically create the home page. BTW, if you are looking for a Responsive Web Design Tutorial/free course I highly recomend Udacity's Course with Google's Pete LePage!

I've been spending time this past week seeking for God's vision for my life. In doing so I've read many proverbs. The first proverb that really stuck out was,
Where there is no vision, people perish...
-A wise ruler
And with that I started writing down the things in my heart for the next 10 years. I then stepped in close and wrote out the things to look forward to for the next 5 of those 10 years. After that I went and did the same for the next 2, 1, quarter, and month.

One of the items that came up was getting my own code out on the internet. Another was posting to social media at least once a week on some technical related topic or article. So expect a gitHub account of mine to emerge with code in the near future.

I read an article today about how Google Chrome is phasing out in-browser Java Plugin support. IMO I think this is great. Most if not all neccessity for those Java Plugins, as far as the web is concerned, can be replaced by HTML5 relevant code.

On that note I am heading to HudsonAlpha - Institute for Biotechnology to tour the campus and give a demo/presentation with my friend Brandon Wilk. My next post will likely come at the end of the month.

Responsive Web Design Mock-up, PC glasses and Work

Arthur Weborg - Saturday April 4th, 2015

Many things and unknowns have been consuming my time at work. However, I finally am coming to a point where I can relax a bit. Since my last post I have developed an entire workflow for consulting/contract work on software. These documents will be put online once my LLC has been finalized (waiting on some finances). I also have started to redo my churches website, Faith Alive Fellowship Mockup. If you missed it, all time Green Bay Packer Sack-Leader Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila spoke at our re-opening and the audio can be found here on YouTube. We lost our building due to a fire; The insurance company announced that the building complex we were previouslly in burned down as result of arsen!

I started experience some eye problems near the time of the new year. I got some epic computer glasses that really helped with the headaches and eye strain. I wrote a little more about my approval of my Gunnar Optiks here. I highly suggest these to anyone doing excessive ammounts of programming.

I also had been working on a post about operators.

Last words and a teaser until I get permission to talk about it more in-depthly. I have been working on a patent for a new form of compression that made possible the clinical diagnostics software my co-workers and I develop. A little more background on what I do at work can be found at Clinical Genomics Transcends Sequencing. The image is a direct manifestation of my code used in a tool I've been developing closely with Brandon Wilk. Elizabeth Worthey, Ph. D from the article is my supervisor.

Going to be taking a break

Arthur Weborg - Friday August 1st, 2014

Needed to take a break from my work and decided to revisit my site look and feel. I took my logo and transformed it a tad bit with GIMP. For those who do not know what GIMP is, think of it as the programmer's version of Photoshop, it's free! Also fixed a bug my brother-in-law pointed out (or so I think) it's important to include a "!DOCTYPE html" tag in the beginning of all your HTML pages, this is so the browser knows to treat the page as HTML5! My odler pages (that are not auto-generated) needed to have those tags added. Well, still working on other software not sure when my next real post will be. Come again soon!
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